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This page is under construction.

However, like the rest of my fine print pages, I should probably give you something, since I haven't done much of anything with this website in about two years.

First off, if I quoted you and didn't properly cite or give credit, please let me know and give me a chance to correct it. I try to make sure I'm always giving credit where it's due, but everyone makes mistakes. Maybe I saw your content online attributed to someone else, or I just forgot to cite it. I'm sorry. Please don't sue me.

I frequently do covers of other people's songs. I try to remember to give credit to the original band, but when it's an older classic song with a well-known origin, a hymn, or a song that I became acquainted with via someone else's cover, it's entirely possible that I could misattribute it or forget the attribution entirely. I try to remember to put artist names into the posts when I'm embedding my cover videos, but if I forget them, they may also be in the Youtube description.

Where book reviews are concerned, any quotes, cover art, etc. that I use should be covered under U.S. Fair Use laws, though I am far from an expert in those.

Likewise, I try to use others' logos in a responsible and considerate manner, usually for the purposes of promoting them. In the case of social media sites, I use their logos to promote easy sharing of my posts and to promote my own pages on their sites. I use other logos similarly. Please contact me if you believe I am erroneously using your logo or other intellectual property.

As far as my original content is concerned. You may take small quotes from me if you give me credit. I would appreciate any extra publicity for my site, however, copying and pasting larger chunks of text is most definitely plagiarism and illegal. In the U.S., you don't even have to put a copyright on your words or other intellectual property to have them covered by copyright law--they are covered from the time of creation. If you have any questions about whether something is allowed, please contact me to ask.

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