August Blog Hiatus

Saturday, August 04, 2018

Hey book nerds! This is just a quick post to let you know I’m not blogging in August. Between moving, normal life tasks, and finishing my prewriting for the book, I have no extra energy.
Seven of the fourteen boxes of books we've packed thus far. We still need to pack a couple more.
My review post buffer is also completely depleted from Camp NaNoWriMo and some medical issues I had last month. I have still been reading, however, so when I come back in September I should have some series reviews/wrap-ups and other fun stuff ready to go.

Our next Eclectic Writing Class post will be on September 11th. I've decided that our new grammar/technical stuff resource will be William Strunk's The Elements of Style. I have a third edition with revisions and additions by E.B. White. You shouldn't need my exact edition to follow along with most of it, especially at first, but that is the one I'm going to reference so it might be worth picking up a third or fourth edition rather than downloading the original public domain book for free.

Have a great August, don’t get sunburned, and enjoy these pictures of the weird bird that keeps attaching itself to my apartment building.

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